There are countless injuries a person can sustain in a car or work-related accident. Some injuries can be immediately apparent, while others can manifest weeks or months later. Whatever your injuries are, you deserve the best possible care from local Minnesota doctors.

Step 1 – Seek Medical Help

If your injuries require immediate attention, seek medical help right away. Your health should be your primary concern after an accident. Make sure you’re OK before you do anything else.

Step 2 – Call 612-Injured

After any severe injuries have been addressed, pick up the phone and call 612-Injured.

Step 3 – Sit Back & We’ll Take Care of the Rest

When you’re injured, you’ve got enough going on. Let us take care of your medical and legal needs after your accident. We can connect you with local medical specialists in your area. Whether you need a chiropractor for a whiplash injury, or a pain management specialist, we handle everything for you so you can focus on recovering.

Calling 612-INJURED is FREE.  Talking to one of our legal or medical professionals is free and confidential. If you’re injured on the job, you can choose the doctor you see.  If your employer or insurer tries to send you to their own people, that could negatively impact your benefits down the line.

To talk to a Minnesota doctor about your injury, call or text us today at 612–INJURED (612–465–8733).

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