Vocational Experts

If you’ve suffered an injury you are probably also dealing with problems at work due to your restrictions.  Whether your injury is a work comp claim, a car accident or another type of injury, we can connect you with a trained vocational rehabilitation expert to help you transition back to your job or find a new one.  

Workers Compensation 

In the Minnesota Work Comp system one of the benefits to injured workers is the services of a QRC.  QRC stands for Qualified Rehabilitative Consultant.  These vocational experts are trained to help you through the system and get you back to work.  A good QRC can help minimize the stress and difficulty of navigating the work comp system.

If you have questions about getting back to work, getting retrained, working light duty or fewer hours because of your work injury call now.  We will hook you up with a QRC who can answer all your questions at no cost to you.  It also won’t cost you anything if the QRC works on your case.

Car Accidents

If you’re hurt in a car accident in Minnesota you probably have a no-fault insurance policy that will cover some of your losses.  Included in these policies is coverage for reasonable vocational rehabilitative services.  If you’re worried that you won’t be able to return to your line of work or need retraining, we can connect you with an expert who will answer your questions for free.

Helping Your Case

Regardless of the kind of injury you have, getting a vocational expert involved can help ensure that you get the benefits you deserve, and reduce the financial burden that missed due to injury can have.  The experts in our network are all experienced in guiding people through the system, getting them back to work, and even testifying in their legal case.  

If you are worried about your job or your ability to work in the future, call today.

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