In Minnesota, there were more than 91,000 workers’ compensation claims in 2015.  Workers are injured every single day. This is an unfortunate fact of life. You should know that there is help available for you. If you are facing work injuries, we can help. Keep reading for our countdown of the most common types of workers compensation claims in Minnesota.

#5 Repetitive Strain Injury

There are many different types of repetitive strain injuries. This can occur when someone does the same action often over a long period of time. An example of this might be swinging a hammer for several years, typing over the course of a decade, or constantly checking and using your smartphone. It can also occur when your body is forced into unnatural or awkward positions for long stretches.

Symptoms can include tenderness, pain, or tingling. Loss of sensation or loss of strength may also occur. In many cases, stress can make the symptoms worse. Nerve damage can occur. The exact treatment depends upon the injury.

It might not matter if this injury came from one specific workplace. According to Minnesota law, employers must make sure that your injury does not become worse.

This sort of injury makes up 4% of workers’ compensation claims.

#4 Accidents Involving Tools

There are very many ways tools can injure people. Sometimes, machinery is defective. This makes it unsafe to use. Other times, someone else is using a tool in a dangerous way. Your employer has an obligation to provide you with a safe workplace. This means that they can face a workers’ compensation claim.

Symptoms of this type of claim depend on the accident. Some workers are caught in machinery, and may suffer from rubbing or burning injuries. A malfunctioning nail gun presents problems of its own. In some cases, workers may wind up with broken bones. All of these cases will have different amounts of compensation.

#3 Being Struck by or Colliding with an Object

Many workplaces are chaotic. Construction sites especially have many moving parts. When people are not careful when they carry large and heavy items, accidents can occur. Work can absorb people to the point that they do not know where they are going. In these instances, injuries can also occur.

Like with tools, the level of injuries depends on the accident. Someone who is hit with a steel girder might have more severe injuries than someone who is hit with a plank of wood. In both cases, the worker may have a right to be compensated according to the law.

Most of the time, this sort of claim comes from construction sites or movers, but this can happen anywhere. This type of claim is 10% of all claims.

#2 Slips, Trips, and Falls

This claim involves someone losing their balance and being injured in a fall. Any workplace may see this sort of workers’ compensation claim. Clothes shops, car repair shops, and restaurants may all be held accountable for providing workers with an unsafe work environment.

Many times, a slip and fall results in a strain or sprain. People naturally put their hands up to break their fall, but this can lead to injuries of the wrist, elbow, and hand. Sometimes when people fall, they crash into a hard surface that damages their legs, knees, or ankles.

People fall due to the floor being slick. This may be due to puddles of water, but in some cases, this can just be how the floor is. Strains and sprains result in, on average, 57 missed work days. Both construction workers and retail workers are likely to fall from heights, which means that they suffer serious injuries more.

#1 Material Handling

Many workers compensation claims come from warehouses, where workers must stack, sort, and secure boxes and pallets. Sometimes, the load is too heavy. This means that workers strain their joints and muscles. Other times, heavy items fall on someone. When this happens, it can cause catastrophic injuries.

A wide variety of injuries can happen when material is mishandled. Broken bones, strains, and sprains are common. Depending on the material, cuts or punctures may also occur. Delivery drivers may have this type of injury occur to them.

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