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Minnesota Construction Accident Lawyers

Working in construction is physically demanding. At times, it can be downright dangerous. However, all employers are expected to provide a safe workplace to ensure their projects operate without risk to their employees’ wellness. When you’re injured on a construction site due to the negligence of your employer, it’s your legal right to seek just settlement for the injuries suffered.

When an accident occurs, it can have consequences both for your health and your career. When so much is at stake, it makes sense to obtain legal advice if you’ve been injured. Our experienced construction accidents lawyers are experienced, dedicated, and help ensure you get the settlement you deserve.

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Can I Sue My Employer If I Am Injured?

If you’re injured on the job, you likely qualify for workers’ compensation regardless of who is at fault. However, when a third party was the cause, it’s important that you explore your legal rights. Personal injury lawsuits due to these construction accidents can help cover your expenses during this trying time and compensate you for injuries sustained as a direct result of your accident.

Except in cases of extreme negligence, our workers’ compensation laws shield employers from being sued by injured employees. However, third-parties (anyone other than your employer) are not protected from lawsuits. Examples of third parties include:

  • Other drivers, if you are injured in a car or truck accident while you are working
  • A lot owner or building owner at a construction site
  • Other contractors working at the same job site
  • Equipment manufacturer
  • Crane operators

Whenever you are injured by a third party, our lawyers can represent you in both a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury lawsuit against the third party. A personal injury lawsuit allows you to recover compensation for pain and suffering and other damages that aren’t covered by workers’ compensation.

What if I Can’t Return to My Job?

You can seek compensation for any reduction in wages that you experience as a result of your injury and for future lost wages. Workers’ compensation may also provide retraining benefits if you no longer able to do construction work because of your injury.

A physical injury doesn’t have to mean the end of your career. Our lawyers may be able to help you get the compensation you need to find a job that is less physically demanding.

The Aftermath of An Accident

Dealing with any accident is difficult. You’re used to working for a living, and when an accident puts you out of commission you might start to wonder what other options there are. If the injury is severe, it can impact your entire life and alter the direction of your career.

We understand the emotions around this sort of injury and know there is more to your recover than just a financial settlement. The support of our team of construction accident attorneys in Minnesota helps both you and your entire family. We offer you’re the resources you need to handle the aftermath of your accident.

Your Construction Accident Law Firm

We understand the fear that comes after construction accidents of all kinds. Legal action is overwhelming and often comes with the implied question, “what will happen if I don’t win?”

Rather than put this burden on you, our Minnesota construction accident lawyers work on a 100% contingency basis. This means you don’t pay a dime if we don’t recover a settlement for your injuries. Instead, we offer a free consultation to discuss your case and discover what sort of legal options you have available.

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Our attorneys work on a contingent basis. This means that we will not charge you a fee unless we win either at trial or through settlement.

The percentage we charge will depend on the difficulty of your case, and the amount of time and money we estimate it will take to get you the most recovery for your damages.




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