Minnesota reported over 65,000 nonfatal workplace injuries in 2015. This means that there were around 3.5 cases per 100 full-time workers.  Men are far more likely to be killed or injured while on the job.

Men sometimes feel that they cannot report a workplace accident. They might think that their job will be put in danger, or feel that they have to be tough and power through it. A construction worker also might not believe that the injury is serious, and not worth going to a doctor for.

Whatever the case may be, you should know that if your husband, boyfriend, brother, or father have been injured, there is help available. Keep reading for the five steps you should take to help a loved one out.

Get Him Medical Treatment

If a loved one has been hurt at work, it is a good idea to get medical attention as soon as possible. Some symptoms may not show up for several hours after the event. If the wound is very serious, call an ambulance or go to the emergency room.

Your loved one’s health is the most important factor here. You should have your husband follow the doctor’s orders, and follow any treatment plan to the letter. After you have received medical treatment, try to establish some record of the diagnosis and what happened.

File a Report with the Employer

Many facets of law hinge upon a paper trail. The more documentation you have, the better. It may seem daunting to say that the employer was the cause of your injury, but this is crucial in ensuring that you have the best result.

When it comes to accident reports, sooner is always better. Your employer will complete a First Report of Injury Form. Be sure to give your loved one’s employer an accurate and complete recounting of how your loved one was injured. This will help you in the long run.

Hire a Lawyer

The legal process can be a complicated one. Many people do not understand what is considered strong or weak evidence, what legal processes exist, and what recourse they have to protect themselves. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate your way through the entire process.

File a Claim

Minnesota law establishes the fact that employers must carry compensation insurance. This is important. When you file a claim, you are not suing the workplace. You are working with the employer’s insurance company.

Your loved one may be eligible for wage-loss benefits, medical benefits, and vocational rehabilitation. The employer is required to furnish compensation for psychological, surgical, and hospital treatment.

If your loved one’s employer is flouting the law, and does not have insurance, you need an attorney. The State of Minnesota may be able to cover your claim.

Wait, and Follow the Law

A workers’ compensation case can be a tricky thing. It is worth remembering that the insurance company is not on your side. They are legally allowed to lie to you, and will try to give you the smallest amount of compensation possible. Negotiating with them can be difficult, which is why it is important to have trusted counsel by your side.

The legal process takes time. You should not expect results overnight. Usually, insurance companies settle, but you should be prepared to go to court.

If you have any questions about work injuries in Minnesota, we can help. When you need someone to direct you to the help you need, we can help. If your husband has been injured, you cannot wait. Contact us today.