If you receive a Notice of Intention to Discontinue (NOID) from the insurance company paying your wage loss benefits you need to take action immediately to make sure you continue to get the benefits you deserve. A NOID can mean many things. It could mean one type of benefit has ended and another has begun, or it could mean that all wage loss benefits from the date of the NOID forward will be denied.

There are countless possible reasons why the insurance company may decide to stop paying you. If you feel they have unjustly cut you off, what you do next is extremely important. Here are some tips on what to do next:

Contact an 612 Injured attorney. This should be the first thing you do. An attorney is your best chance of getting your benefits reinstated quickly.

Request an Administrative Conference by calling the number on the NOID. It is important that you request an Admin Conference within 12 days of the date the NOID was served. You can find the service date of the NOID on the second page in the bottom right hand corner. If you request an Admin Conference within 12 days you will be granted an audience with a judge within two to four weeks.

If you do not request a conference within the 12 days you will have no choice but to file an Objection to Discontinuance. An Objection to Discontinuance can take up to 60 days before you are able to get in front of a judge, another 30 days for a judge to render a decision, and another 14 days before you start getting paid again.

Obviously, the quicker you can get in front of a judge the quicker you can start getting paid again. These Admin Conferences are only Band-Aids and are appealable by either side. Even if you are able to reinstate your benefits the fight for your benefits has just begun.