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Repetitive Stress Injury

4 Common Repetitive Stress Work Injuries

Sometimes workplace injuries do not stem from a specific incident, but rather develop over time. These injuries are known as Repetitive Stress Injuries (or RSIs). They can develop over several years at a desk job or a job that involves manual labor. Here are 4 of the most common workplace repetitive stress injuries.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A painful condition in the hands and arms that stems from a pinched nerve in the carpal tunnel (a passageway in the wrist that protects numerous tendons and a major nerve). Symptoms include pain and numbness in the hand, fingers, or arm. If left untreated, carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to permanent nerve damage in the hand.

Tennis Elbow

This RSI is marked by an inflammation or tearing of the tendon near the elbow. Common symptoms of tennis elbow include pain in the elbow and forearm, and a weak grasp. Though it gets its name from being a common tennis injury, tennis elbow is also common in painters, plumbers, cooks, or any job that requires repetitive hand or wrist movement.


Caused by repeated movements that put excess strain on the tendons and results in inflammation. This inflammation can immobilize the tendon and the nearby muscles and bones. Tendonitis is most common in the upper and lower body appendages. The most common symptoms of tendonitis are aches and pains around the affected area.


An inflammation of the brusa, fluid-filled sacs located near joints. Brusitis is caused by prolonged or repeated pressure on joints. It causes intense pain in the affected joint and can lead to restricted movement. Brusitis is common in manual labor jobs such as construction.

These and other repetitive stress injuries are often compensable under Minnesota law. If you believe you’ve sustained one of these injuries in the course of your work, contact a work comp attorney and make sure you get the benefits you’re entitled to.