Workplace injuries can happen to anyone, but there are some industries that are inherently more dangerous than others. Employees who work with heavy equipment or are tasked with intense manual labor often suffer workplace injuries, but which industry is the most dangerous?  Below we look at the 10 most dangerous jobs in America and explain what puts these workers at such high risks.


Deep sea fishermen expose themselves to intense risks every day.  Not only are they exposed to heavy equipment and sharp hooks, but one big wave can send them over the side of the boat.  They also lack the ability to get to a medical facility to treat injuries if they are far out at sea.

Logging Workers

Logging workers suffer numerous injuries in their line of work as they are constantly moving heavy logs.  The top injury for workers across any industry is overexertion, and overexertion injuries occur when someone lifts, twists or moves in an awkward way.  Loggers often suffer overexertion injuries when moving logs, but they are also subject to limb injuries if they are involved in the cutting process.

Flight Engineers and Pilots

Much like the above jobs, flight engineers work with heavy machinery on a daily basis.  Both flight engineers and pilots subject themselves to danger when testing large equipment.  Pilots also run the risk of being in an airplane crash.

Farmers and Ranchers

Farmers work with huge machinery year round while tending their crops and animals, and they often try to fix their broken equipment on their own.  Accidents with wheat threshers or combines are not uncommon.  They also are subject to overexertion injuries.

Mining Machine Operators

Mining machine operators also work with heavy equipment, but they are exposed to a different set of deadly forces.  Machine operators work with hazardous chemicals, some of which are highly flammable.  Fires or overexposure to toxic chemicals can occur if precautions aren’t taken.


Roofers put themselves in danger every time they go to work.  Roofers work at high heights and one wrong step can send them tumbling.  They are also exposed to high temperatures during the summer, which can lead to heat stroke and exhaustion.  Neither is ideal, especially when you’re 50+ feet in the air.

Garbage Collector

Sanitation workers have a variety of conditions that makes their job unsafe.  They work with heavy compactors that can crush limbs if they get caught in a machine, and constant lifting and twisting can lead to to overexertion injuries.  Oftentimes garbage collectors ride on the side or the back of a moving vehicle, which can be extremely dangerous if they slip or lose their grip.

Truck Drivers

Truck drivers often drive long hours in some of the worst weather conditions.  They drive through the night to get materials from one place to another, and this puts them in danger of fatigue.  If they were to fall asleep at the wheel, a deadly accident can occur.

Industrial Machine Workers

Industrial machine technicians work with heavy equipment during the installation and repair process.   Oftentimes they are tasked with installing heavy equipment and removing the old, defunct unit.  They also come in contact with electrical equipment, which can cause burns or death.

Police Officers

Police officers put themselves in danger nearly every day.  Whether it’s apprehending a suspect with a gun or engaging in a high speed pursuit, there are a wide variety of risks for every officer.