If you suffer a work injury, you have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim for medical and wage loss benefits. But you cannot sue your employer for liability for your work injury. However, in some cases, someone other than your employer might be responsible for your injury. In those instances, you can file a third party claim for liability.

Do You Have a Third Party Claim for Your Work Injury?

Third party liability claims for work injuries are common on construction sites. Multiple companies and contractors are working at the job site with heavy equipment and machinery. Any one of these companies might be responsible for your injury. Other cases of third party liability include the following:

  • A car accident while you are on the job
  • An injury caused by a defective product
  • An injury on the job but on another person’s property

Getting the proper information in third party claims is especially crucial. These claims involve multiple parties, witnesses, and insurance companies. It is best to gather information while the accident is still fresh in your memory and within the statute of limitations.

Injured workers are usually surprised when they find out they cannot sue their employers for their work injury. Even if the accident was your employer’s fault, you cannot file a liability suit in absence of a third party.

Trust Our Experienced Work Comp Lawyers

After your work injury, you might not even think that a third party caused your injury. That is why it is crucial to speak with a workers’ comp lawyer at Heimerl & Lammers. We will assess your situation and pursue any available third party liability. If there is third party liability, you are entitled to compensation.

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