Any injury, illness, or condition that occurs at work or because of what you do at work qualifies for workers compensation in Minnesota. This also covers injuries that gradually develop over time.

If you have a broken bone due to a fall or something heavy hitting you, you may be covered by workers’ compensation laws. In addition, if you are responsible for engaging in a repetitive task, such as cutting meat or typing, this may cause strain. You may be able to receive money if you have a condition.

You need to keep the following in mind: even if you did not receive the first injury at work, you may still be owed money. An injury that gets worse at work may qualify you for workers’ compensation. For example, if you have a bum knee that is aggravated due to walking and lifting, you might be eligible.

Toxins, pollutants, and asbestos can cause unseen harm. Unsafe working conditions can cause chronic harm that lasts for decades. Lung, heart, and other internal injuries are covered by workers’ compensation laws.

Minnesota Law

The state of Minnesota protects its citizens’ mental health. Our laws provide compensation when:

  • Mental stress causes a physical injury
  • Physical trauma causes a mental injury
  • Mental stress causes a mental injury

Certain emotional issues, such as PTSD, can make you eligible to receive benefits under the law. You should keep in mind that mental stress causing a physical injury may be a little bit more difficult to prove. The same is true with mental stress causing a mental injury.

For example, if a cop or firefighter pulls someone out of a burning building, that might scar them mentally. In certain circumstances, they will be able to receive workers’ compensation. Other situations are not as likely to make people qualified to receive workman’s comp for mental injuries.

Reaching out to a 612 Injured lawyer will help you understand if your personal injury makes you eligible.