Filing a workers’ comp claim should be a relatively easy process. However, it is not. There should be enough assistance and support from your employer’s human resources department, but there usually is not. You should have no problems finding a cooperative insurance agency to help you out. Unfortunately, this is also not the case. Even though you are legally entitled to workers’ compensation under the Minnesota state law, you may have to jump through hoops in order to actually see the claim accepted.

Trusted Workers’ Comp Representation

  • Faster Compensation and Financial Security – every day counts when you are put off work with an injury. You still have bills to pay, a family to feed and a house to rent and thus you still need to be getting money from somewhere. When you work with a Minnesota worker’s compensation lawyer you can expect faster results and a quicker acceptance for your worker’s compensation claim. This means you can start receiving payments quicker
  • Proven Results and Acceptance – Insurance companies are trained to look for cracks in your claim and deny your claim. If you have not been denied, then there is a good chance that you are not getting everything that you are entitled to. Working with a lawyer means that you can expect the maximum financial assistance from your claim. You are entitled to many different types of compensation for your injury and we can ensure that you are getting every last cent.
  • Less Stress For You and Your Family – When you are recovering from an personal injury you need all the assistance you can get. The last thing you want to worry about is the financial implications of this injury. Filing a workers’ compensation claim is just the start of a process that may be stressful, confusing, frustrating and seemingly more trouble than it’s worth. For these reasons, seeking the support of a skilled legal professional is certainly a more sensible option if your goal is to achieve receipt of the benefits you are entitled to.

Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

At Heimerl & Lammers we pride ourselves on our solid reputation throughout MN for expert level support and representation for work related injury and compensation claims. Our team focuses on closely following the required procedures for filing, and will arrange a solid appeal if a claim is denied. We will help you understand the legal process, requirements and your rights when it comes to worker’s compensation claims. We will work tirelessly to help you achieve as much possible benefit for your injuries, and will not rest until every effort is exhausted to meet your needs.

If you have works related injury or illness and are confused about your compensation benefits, then contact the 612 Injured Law Firm at (612) 294-2200 or (651) 777-1811 to speak to a MN workers comp attorney free of charge.